Design & Engineering

Our design and development team has many years experience and is ready to help improve your car’s performance

Custom design, build and advanced prototyping from an experienced team

Our development team has decades of experience in designing, building and modifying racing cars. Whether you want a full car built from scratch or have a car that needs some work. We can help. Our engineering knowledge and experience with setup, not only helps drivers get on the grid, it helps them win.

Services we offer

Car Design & Build

Drawing on the team’s extensive engineering experience, we are constantly building and modifying race cars to fit within the regulations while winning races. It’s our experience of building cars with our own bespoke parts that helps us to maintain our track record of wins, championships and lap records.

Race Car Setup

We consider set up to be a fundamental part of any race car’s success, not only does it allow the car to perform at optimum level but it also allows the driver to interact with it confidently. We are able to set a car up to perform optimally, while working with your natural driving style — something that can be further finessed in our improvement centre.

Bespoke Parts

Over the years, we’ve developed bespoke parts that fit the needs of our race cars, including an innovative electronic power steering system. Whether you want to improve reliability and performance with a bespoke part for your car or would like something designed to fit your needs, our team can help.

Need more information on our services?

If you’d like to find out more about how we can improve your car, or would like to enquire about bespoke parts, please contact us.