Electronic Power Assisted Steering

Get the advantage over the competition with our electronic power assisted steering. This is the very same system we use to give our race-winning cars the edge

A stand-alone system with adjustable assistance and easy-to-use software that can be rack or column fitted

Gibson Motorsport designed and developed the electronic power steering unit as part of the GH20 project. Due to the ever-increasing aerodynamic loads forcing the tyres into the ground, and the required suspension geometry for the GH20, an electronic power steering unit was needed to make the car driveable at race pace.


When other power steering systems didn’t fulfil our needs, we created our own; a lightweight unit to keep the car as close to the lower weight limit as possible while being durable and easily serviceable. To keep the cockpit clear, we had a bespoke steering rack produced by Titan with double pinion gears, which allows the power steering unit to be mounted on the front nose, keeping the weight forward.


Max. Assistance



Full System Weight



Max. Draw



Power Supply



Using the latest technology in design and engineering, we have created a lightweight yet robust, electronic power steering system

When it came to the circuitry and software, we worked with a local company who are experts in electronics with a portfolio full of big names. Each component on the circuit board is selected for reliability with a bias towards quality over cost. This is reflected in the final product; a precise tool for reducing lap times.

The lightweight power steering unit, made from CNC machined components, can be universally fitted to almost any vehicle

Electronic Power Assisted Steering 1

We now offer a bespoke design service to the motorsport community

Electronic Power Assisted Steering 2

What is Included

• Gearbox & Motor

Electronic power steering CU and complete loom

• User Manual

What is needed

• Strain Gauge fitted by KA Sensors

• Brackets to suit your Installation

Available Options

Universal electronic power steering system

This universal system can be fitted to almost any vehicle, giving it applications across a wide range of industries.

Motorsport electronic power steering system

This robust and lightweight system has been designed to give your race car the edge over the competition.