Gibson GH20

The Gibson-Honda GH20 is the 20th car to be conceived by Gibson Motorsport. With its precision engineering, distinctive design and unparalleled performance, it is the most acclaimed vehicle in our fleet.

The GH20 is the natural evolution from the successful GH19, which achieved six outright victories in Europe and the UK. After a redesign encompassing a new front roll-over structure and revised front suspension geometry, no stone was left unturned in the quest for a lighter, stronger, faster machine. The result is a striking race car that performs as beautifully as it looks.


The GH20 underwent extensive aerodynamic development and testing to create a silhouette that offers a high lift-to-drag ratio.

The GH20 has a top speed in excess of 150mph, this is complemented by other impressive statistics including 575kg of downforce at 100mph, and 700+kg at 140mph. The aerobalance is changeable from 40% to the front, up to 52%, this is thanks to the adjustable front element above the splitter and the rear wing element at the back.

Design & Engineering

The GH20 was designed using intelligent computer software for flow simulation, as well as Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

The process ensured every last gram of performance was squeezed from the car without having a detrimental effect on aesthetics. The vehicle’s performance and iconic beauty are second to none and every inch of the car shows off its superior build quality.


Using specialist kinematics software alongside the team’s experience with the successful GH19, the optimum suspension solution has been achieved for this new race car.

Ohlins four-way dampers and a third roll bar-driven damper have been incorporated into the GH20 to help maintain a stable aero platform, which is essential with such high levels of downforce. This advanced technology is that of LMP cars but within a CN prototype, which brings yet more performance gains.

Engine Installation

The GH20 uses a blueprinted 2.0-litre Honda K20 power unit, which is mounted longitudinally and supports a SADEV sequential six-speed transaxle gearbox.

The gearbox supports the rear suspension and wing assembly, making the installation multi-functional as well as efficient in terms of space and weight. The installation has been designed without compromise, achieving high levels of stiffness to complement the rigidity of the carbon monocoque. We also offer other engine installation packages to fit the needs of our customers.


Safety is paramount and with many FIA-approved components, the GH20 provides the utmost security and ensures driver protection on track.

With a homologated chassis and front crash structure, the GH20 has immense tolerance to impact. The approved collapsible steering column protects the driver as energy from the impact will be absorbed into the column’s collapsing elements. The FIA-approved bladder fuel tank is also designed to stringent safety specifications.






Front Track

Rear Track







Fuel Capacity

Engine Oil Capacity

Gear Oil Capacity







Full Carbon Fibre Monocoque

• FIA homologated to CN regulation article 259

• Carbon where permitted otherwise e-glass

• Quick release nose cams


Honda K20 – Power Output 255 BHP

• Longitudinal rear mounted

• Dry sump system

• Max RPM 8200 (VdeV regulation)


Double Wishbone – Pushrods & Rockers

• Advanced front 3rd element system with engagement control

• Ohlins TTx40 4 way adjustable dampers

• Hollow axle with wheel nut retention


Sadev SLR82-14 Transaxle Supporting Rear Suspension Loads

• Changeable ratios and diff ramps including preload and friction faces

• Operated using shiftec hardware including auto blip for down change


Gibson Motorsport Electronic Power Assisted Steering

• With variable assistance & changeable maps


• FIA approved front crash structure & roll protection

• FIA approved collapsible steering column

• FIA approved bladder style fuel tank


• Emtron KV-8 ECU supports gear change and logging

• Gems DA3 card logger with Pro Software

• HP electronik powerbox PDM

• Gems high-resolution LDS4 display built into steering wheel

• Comprehensive range of chassis sensors inc damper travel

• Pushrod load and laser ride height

• All possible engine sensors for warning and engine monitoring

• GPS & lap beacon


• HP electronic membrane switch panel

• Gibson Motorsport QR steering wheel with inbuilt gems display, paddle clutch and gear change

• Fully floating balance bar with adjuster


• Tilton fully floating master cylinders

• Brembo euro RS brake callipers

• Aerodynamic ducting and cake tins


• Evocorse lightweight wheels

• Front wheel: 9×13’’

• Rear wheel: 10.5×13’’

• Tyres: VdeV regulation Michelin radial slick

Designed with precision using the latest cutting-edge technology, the GH20 is dynamic, influential and robust

Backed up by world-class engineering, the performance of this car is undeniable.

Interested in getting behind the wheel of the GH20?


The GH20 is available to hire for test days, single races, or a full race season, with trackside support.


The GH20 is available for purchase. To find out more or to book a viewing, please contact the team.