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Shield F1 Ultimate
  • Shield F1 Ultimate

    Shield F1 Ultimate sits at the top of the Gibson Shield product range, tested by racing industry professionals and used on Gibson Motorsport cars for its best-in-class protection.

    This market-leading ceramic coating uses advanced nanotechnology to provide a clear shield against the elements, enhancing the look and extending the life of your car. The chemical makeup of Shield F1 Ultimate allows it to bond with paintwork for a semi-permanent hardened layer that can not be washed away, does not break down and does not require regular re-application.

    This is more than a ceramic coating…
    It’s an investment in the future of your car.

    • What’s Included?

      1× Shield F1 Ultimate 50ml

      3× Application pads

      1× Red microfiber cloth

      1× Black microfiber cloth

      1× Pair of nitrile gloves

      Application manual

    VAT Included
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