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About Gibson Shield

Everyone has a passion — something that pulls you in, consumes your thoughts and makes you come alive. For Paul Gibson, that passion has always been cars.

It’s a passion that has led to a lifelong career in motorsport, as an engineer, driver and racing team owner. But at the heart of it has always been one thing: the look — the appreciation of a car as an investment that should never look anything less than it’s best.

Paul’s obsession with keeping his cars at their best also became his biggest frustration. Because he was never quite satisfied. Product after product failed to meet expectation. The process of detailing was too time-consuming and the results underwhelming. Every few months, he’d find himself repeating the same painstaking process of cleaning, polishing, detailing and curing with different products, only to be let down. He knew there had to be a better way. A product that could be applied in less time, yet still withstand the rigours of the race track. So, he set about developing his own.

Using over five decades of experience in motorsport, Paul identified and sourced the most technologically advanced ingredients, testing combinations meticulously on Gibson Motorsport cars until results exceeded expectations. The outcome of years of research, development and testing is Gibson Shield — the most innovate collection of nanotechnology-based ceramic coatings on the market, designed to improve the look and extend the life of your car.

Our products are for enthusiasts, drivers, engineers and detailers. Created by someone who shares the same passion for cars that you do.